Here is a video based on the last Reflective Coach lecture regarding nonlinear pedagogy and what it entails. I hope you enjoy it and any feedback would be much appreciated.





One thought on “Nonlinear Pedagogy.

  1. Loved it. I think you can begin to think abut how you frame your coaching sessions. For example, why are you calling it shooting practice, should it not be finishing and scoring, simply cos you don’t necessarily shoot to score. Shooting suggest a technique, this is about scoring which might include the technique of shooting but more to the point its about finding a way to score. Once the participants are empowered to think about the “how to score” then you can introduce different techniques them get better at the ” How” eg Shooting , passing it in , heading it in etc. Next weeks session is a Linear and Non Linear session of Table Tennis in the Sports hall that will provide more practical insight.


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